September 08, 2011

ATTENTION ! Beware of pirates/copycats/look-a-likes using our brand-name

Some unscrupulous persons/website on the internet and via sms are illegally and fraudulently using ‘MEGHA INVESTMENT’ name (which is the sole property of MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH) to defraud investors and traders and pocket money by mis-leading and cheating them.  
We are taking action against such persons/website for fraudulent use of our brand name ‘megha investment’.
Also beware of such people who claim to be associated with us. Our ONLY phone numbers are 09377008708 and 09376858284. Our only email id is
MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH, is a investment and trading research and advisory firm. We also undertake broking and intermediary activity for select closed group of client.

OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITES ARE- Our parent site is and other affiliate/sub sites are WE DO NOT HAVE ANY RELATION WITH ANY OTHER WEBSITE WHO CLAIM TO SELL ADVISORY BY OUR NAME other than this sites.
We have been present on the internet since November-2008 through and free groups. The research team has been active in research and analysis since year of 2006.

[Be careful, we do not take responsibility of losses caused to you by such pirates]


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